One of his prayers in the morning and evening.

All praise be to God Who created night and day with His Power, distinguished betvveen them with His might and fixed for each of them a well-defined limit and length of duration.

He causes the one to enter

into the other, and gives to each a measurement suitable for the nourishment and growth of His creatures.

He has, therefore, created for them the night that they may rest in it from the work that is wearisome and from movements that produce pain.

He has made a covering for their comfort and sleep, so that they may be refreshed and strengthened and thereby obtain pleasure and a renewal of appetite.

He created for them the day which is full of light, that they may therein seek His Grace.

(That they may) find means of sustenance provided by Him and walk about in His earth, searching for that which will yield comfort in this life and blessings in the life to come.

By this means He improves the condition of mankind, tests their deeds, watches their behavior at times of


worship, in places of devotion, and on occasions of performance of His Commands in order that He may punish those who do wrong and handsomely reward those who do right.

O Lord, therefore, all praise is due to Thee because Thou hast created for us the daybreak, provided us with the light of day, directed us to places for obtaining sustenance and protected us from the approach of calamities.

We and all things wholly belong to

The heavens and the earth are Thine.

Whatever Thou hast scattered in them, resting things and moving things, whatever soars in the air and whatever is hidden under the ground.

We have come under Thy Power. Thy Kingdom and Thy Authority are all around us and dependent upon Thy Providence. We act in accordance with Thy Commands and are changed according to Thy Plans. There is nothing at our disposal but that which Thou hast ordained upon us. There is no good thing but that Thou hast graciously bestowed upon us.

This is a day, new and fresh, and it is a present witness of what we do. If we have done good, it will praise us on the departure. If we have done evil, it will leave us with contempt.

O Lord, show mercy unto Muhammad and his descendants. Grant us the benefit of association with His descendants. Keep us from the evil of separation from them, by reason of our committing sins whether great or small. Increase virtue for us through them. Cleanse us from vice through them. Fill up the space between the two extremities of time for us with praise, thankfulness, reward, stores of good things, kindness and beneficence.

O Lord,

make it easy for the recording angels to keep the record of our actions and fill up our record books with good deeds.

Let us not be disgraced before them with our evil deeds.

O Lord, let us have a share of Thy worship in every moment of the day, a share of thanksgiving to Thee and a true witness out of Thy angels.

O Lord, be merciful to Muhammad and his descendants.

Guard us from before, from behind, on the right hand and on the left.

Keep us from harm on all sides, restraining us thereby, from disobeying Thee; directing us, thereby, to serve Thee and work for Thy Love.

O Lord, bless Muhammad and h~s descendants and guide us this day, the night and in all our days, to practice righteousness, to keep far from evil, to be thankful for Thy Gifts, to follow Thy Command, to reject innovations in religion, to encourage good deeds and to discourage evil ones.

(Guide us) to defend Islam, to disapprove wrong, and disparage it, to uphold the right and respect it, to guide the erring, aid the weak and redress the oppressed.

O Lord, have mercy upon Muhammad and his descendants.

Let this day be the most blessed day we ever saw, the most excellent companion we met with and the best time of our existence.

Make us the happiest of all Thy creatures who have spent the night and day on the earth and the most thankful for the blessings Thou hast given.

Make us the strictest observers of Thy Laws and the most careful in abstaining from those things which Thou hast prohibited. O Lord, I call Thee to witness and Thou art sufficient as a witness.

I call to witness Thy heavens, Thy earth, Thy angels, whom Thou hast established in them, and the rest of Thy creatures that in this, my day, and this, my hour, and this, my night, and this, my place, I declare that Thou art God, besides whom there is no other God; fair to Thy creatures, just in Thy Rule, kind to Thy servants, Possessor of the whole of existence and Merciful to Thy creatures.

I declare that Muhammad is Thy servant and Thy Apostle and the chosen one of all mankind.

Thou didst order him to deliver Thy message (unto people) and he did so; Thou didst command him to impart instruction to his ummah and he obeyed.

O Lord, therefore bless Muhammad and his descendants more than any of Thy creatures and on our behalf, bestow upon him more than Thou hast bestowed upon

any of Thy servants. Reward him for our sake with better and more exalted gifts than Thou hast ever given to any other of Thy Prophets on behalf of his followers. Verily, Thou art the Giver of magnificent gifts and the Forgiver of great sins. Thou art the Kindest of the kind. Therefore, bless Muhammad and his descendants, the pure, the holy, the virtuous and the honorable.