One of his prayers when he was offended or oppressed by oppressors.

O Thou for Whom the tidings of complainants are not unknown. O Thou Who cloth not require the evidence of witnesses to their reports. O Thou Whose help is nigh unto the oppressed, O Thou Whose Assistance is far removed from the oppressors. Verily, Thou knowest, O my Lord, what has come upon me from (so and so) of that which Thou didst prohibit him from doing; what power he has gained over me by means of that which Thou didst forbid him, because of pride in the possessions which are from Thee; in utter disregard of Thy prohibition to him. Therefore, O Lord, bless Muhammad and his descendants. By Thy Strength, restrain my oppressor and my enemy from overwhelming me. With Thy Power, turn aside his sharpness from me. Let him be engaged in what immediately surrounds him. Render him powerless against that to which he is hostile. O Lord, bless Muhammad and his descendants. Do not tolerate the oppression of my enemy. Help me to be successful over him. Guard me from deeds similar to his. Do not put me in a situation like his. Lord, bless Muhammad and his descendants. Help me against my enemy with immediate assistance which may put an end to my resentment of him. Give satisfaction to my indignation against him.

O Lord, bless Muhammad and his descendants. Compensate me with Thy Forgiveness for the oppression I have suffered from him. With Thy Mercy, make up for his wrongs to me, for every evil is small in comparison with Thy Wrath. Every calamity is light when accompanied by Thy Bounty.

O Lord, Thou hast made it disagreeable to me to be oppressed. Therefore, restrain me from oppressing othas. Do not permit me, O Lord, to complain to anyone except Thee, nor to ask assistance of any ruler besides Thee. Far be it from me!

Therefore, bless Muhammad and his descendants. Join my prayer with Thy Answer. Bring my complaint nigh to alteration.

O Lord, do not test me with despair of Thy Justice. Do not tempt him by the delay of Thy Chastisement so that he may persist in oppressing me and refuse to give me my rights. Let him soon know of that punishment with which Thou hast threatened tyrants. Let me know what Thou hast promised for the relief of the oppressed.

O Lord, bless Muhammad and his descendants. Give me grace to accept what Thou hast decreed for me and against me and reconcile me to what Thou hast taken from me and direct me to that path which is most straight and employ me in that which is the safest.

O Lord, and if in Thy Judgment it would be better for me if Thou delayest the seizure of the tyrant and taking vengeance upon him who has oppressed me until the Day of Judgment when the enemies are gathered together, then bless Muhammad and his descendants and help me by giving me a sincere motive and enduring patience.

Guard me from evil propensities and restlessness of greedy people. Imprint upon my heart the likeness of what Thou hast stored for me of Thy Reward and of what Thou hast stored for my enemy by way of retribution and torment. Let this be the cause of my contentment with what Thou hast decreed and of trust in what Thou hast chosen.

Amen, Lord of the Worlds! Verily Thou art the Possessor of Great Excellence. Thou hast Power over everything.