One of his prayers for a happy termination of life.

O Thou, the remembrance of Whom is an honor to those who do remember. O Thou, thankfulness to Whom brings exaltaion to those who render thanks. O Thou, obedience to Whom is salvaion to those who obey, bless Muhammad and his descendants and let our hearts turn away from the thought of every other thing in remembering Thee. Let our tongues cease from uttering all other gratitude in thanking Thee. Let our limbs be engaged in serving Thee, leaving all other work. If Thou hast decreed for us rest from all toil, then let our rest be peaceful, in which no evil consequences befall us, and no grief overtake us; till those who record our evil deeds return to Thee from us, bearing a scroll free from the record of sins and until those who record our good deeds leave us delighted with what they have written down concerning them (good deeds).

When the days of our existence are finished, the duration of our lives comes to an end and Thy Summons-which is inevitable and the obedience to which is unavoidable - is served upon us, then bless Muhammad and his descendants. Let the conclusion of what the writers of our deeds have reckoned against us, be an accepted repentance, after which we may not be detained by Thee on account of any sin which we have committed, or any guilt which we have earned. Do not remove the covering which Thou hast put over us in the presence of spectators on the day on which the record of lhy creatures shall be examined.

Verily, Thou art merciful to him who prays unto Thee and answerest him who invokes Thee.